John Travolta's first masseur accuser may still be John Doe, but Masseur #2 now has a name.

Meet John Truesdale, a 40-year-old 250-pound masseur with a black belt and legal representation by Gloria Allred. Truesdale was ambushed by paparazzi near his home in Smyrna, Georgia after the New York Daily News revealed his identity. He wouldn't speak about the case — in which he accuses Travolta of trying to make Truesdale touch the actor's anus — but he did pose for some photos.

Allred, who represents the first two masseurs, released a statement to People that confirmed Truesdale's name and not much else.

I can confirm that we do represent Mr. Truesdale, and that we have great confidence in him. We are conferring with him regarding the next course of action in this matter. Neither our client nor our law firm have any other comment at this time.

No word yet from Travolta's allegedly gay penis.

[Image via Brian To/]