It's been five days since Rose Murphy Stahl reported her husband Nick Stahl missing, and he is still MIA.

While Stahl has disappeared for brief periods of time before, his wife says this is the first time he has been gone for so long.

Everyone is extremely worried about him. He has never disappeared for more than a day before. This time he has been gone for 10 days and we are extremely concerned about his well-being.

Rose last saw her estranged husband on May 9.

Murphy Stahl characterizes Nick as an "amazing father" who was trying to get clean. In February, she filed court papers insisting that Nick to submit to drug tests in order to continue supervised visits with their daughter Marlo.

Although she is trying to think positively, Rose has already voiced her concerns about Nick's wellbeing. "He could have overdosed, that's one thought," she suggested. "And I'm wondering if there will be a body recovered."

Meanwhile, friends of the Terminator 3 actor have assured his fans — without a hint of irony — that, "He'll be back."

TMZ reports that Nick Stahl emailed his friends yesterday, saying he was going to enter treatment and would be out of contact for 30 days. Friends and family "hope he's telling the truth ... but they are skeptical."

[Image via AP]