19-year-old Moscow-based photographer Vitaly Raskalov and two of his friends were taken into custody by police after posting evidence of their shenanigans online.

Participating in a Russian trend known as "skywalking," the three climbed two 240-meter-high bridges in Vladivostok, recording their ascent for posterity.

After uploading the photos to a social media site, Raskalov announced that he and his buddies planned to climb Russky Island Bridge the following day. Thanks to his boasting, police became wise to their plans, and arrived to arrest the trio as they were coming off the bridge.

They were questioned for three hours before being released. No charges have been filed, but an investigation remains ongoing.

Over 300-meters in height, the "Bridge to Russky Island" will be the the world's largest cable-stayed bridge when it opens to the public ahead of September's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

[photo via Raskalov]