CBS, the last of the four networks to hold one, had its upfront today. Even though it is the most watched network, it still wants to prove that it isn't just for old people or the people who love the Big Bang Theory, with the result sometimes being How I Met Your Mother and other times being 2 Broke Girls. What does CBS have up its sleeve this year? Let's take a look.


Timeslot: Monday 8.30 pm

Synopsis: The story of two best friends, one gay and one straight, navigating life and love together. It's like if Grace was a guy which doesn't exactly make this concept a stretch for the writers, since they created Will and Grace. (On the other hand, that show had its moments.)

Over/Under for Cancellation: 22 episodes. Why would this do any worse than 2 Broke Girls, which made it to a second season from the same timeslot and without a single redeeming characteristic?


Timeslot: Tuesday 10 pm

Synopsis: The show follows the reluctant sheriff of Las Vegas as it gets built up from nothing to what it is now. Basically, it's nothing we haven't seen before in the likes of Hyman Roth monologues from Godfather 2 and a million others.

Over/Under for Cancellation: 44 episodes. Even though the networks haven't made a period drama work in a while, Pan Am and Playboy Club bombed last season, I think CBS can pull this one off. The premise isn't overly convoluted, there should be enough action to keep things moving and network constraints will keep it sanitized enough for CBS' core demographic.


Timeslot: Thursday 10 pm

Synopsis: It's Sherlock Holmes in present day New York City with John Watson now Joan and played by Lucy Liu.

Over/Under for Cancellation: 6 episodes. Holmes may have been the inspiration for every eccentric yet brilliant psuedo-cop on TV right now, and there are a lot, but that doesn't mean this show will benefit from that. It all looks pretty stale, to be honest.

Made in Jersey

Timeslot: Friday 9 pm

Synopsis: A young female lawyer from New Jersey tries to make it at a big Manhattan firm. Basically, it's the Nanny Goes to Law School.

Over/Under for Cancellation: 3 episodes. Everything is just so terrible. So terrible.