Mississippi police are warning people to call the cops if a cop tries to pull them over, following two incidents in which motorists were shot while driving down rural highways in the early-morning hours.

One of the drivers was found inside his car, which had crashed into a divider in the median. The other was found on the road near her vehicle, which was stopped on the highway shoulder.

Authorities speculate the killer may have lured in his victims, both of whom were driving alone, by posing as an officer trying to pull them over.

Since there have been no witnesses to the shootings, though, the police can't be sure. Some think the shooter may have been posing as a person with car trouble, instead.

Or maybe the killer wasn't posing as anything. Maybe this person was just particularly good at pulling up alongside people and shooting them. It's kind of hard to know when there are absolutely no leads.

In the meantime, drivers have been advised that they will not be penalized for failing to pull over immediately, should a legitimate police officer attempt to stop them (sweet). Drivers with cell phones are encouraged to call 911 to confirm the popo are really on their tail; drivers without are advised to drive with hazard lights on until they reach a safe, well-lit area.

Reuters reports that people in Mississippi are very surprised people are killing other people in Mississippi:

"This is stuff you see off of TV. It's not something you see in Mississippi, anywhere in Mississippi I've ever heard of," said Panola County Coroner Gracie Gulledge.

How many people do you estimate will abuse the "I was afraid you were a homicidal maniac about to kill me" card to try to get out of speeding tickets?

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