The masseur known as John Doe #1 has dropped his sexual assault lawsuit against John Travolta just days after claiming he got the date of alleged incident wrong.

Travolta's attorney, Marty Singer, provided news outlets with evidence proving his client was across the country at the time the assault reportedly took place.

"Let's just say we had differences in opinion of how to handle the case and decided to part ways," the now-former accuser's now-former attorney Okorie Okorocha told People.

Meanwhile, John Doe #2 is still suing the actor, but Okorocha told Radar this afternoon that he is willing to make the matter disappear for a mere $250k.

"My client will settle for $250k to make this go away quickly and without having any further action being taken in this case," Okorocha said. "My client wants his life back and for that to happen at this point we would be willing to accept a settlement."

He went on to claim that he and Singer have been in touch, and are currently "establishing the ground rules for arbitration/mediation in this case."

The second accuser was seeking $2 million dollars in damages.

[photo via AP]