Along with NBC, FOX announced their fall schedule yesterday and released trailers for their new shows. The big ticket item is The Mindy Project, which looks great and would probably be a sure fire hit even without the successful and compatible New Girl lead in.

What else does FOX have coming our way in the fall? Let's take a look.

Mob Doctor

Timeslot: Monday 9 pm

Synopsis: The title really says it all. A woman with ties to the mob must navigate her loyalties to her hippocratic oath and to the mobsters to whom she's indebted. People are threatened, things blow up. It's The Sopranos meets Grey's Anatomy.

Over/Under for Cancellation: 13 episodes. Even for a Fox show, it might just be a little too hokey to really catch on.

Ben and Kate

Timeslot: Tuesday 8.30 pm

Synopsis: Starring relative newcomer Dakota Johnson and the hilarious, Oscar-winning (he co-wrote The Descendants) Nat Faxon, Ben and Kate is a sitcom about two siblings: a has-it-together sister and her immature brother. Basically the sitcom version of the Kenneth Lonergan film You Can Count On Me.

Over/Under for Cancellation: 22 episodes. Before watching the trailer I thought this would be a complete dud with jokes as tired as its' premise. But after watching it, I don't know, it might work.

The Following

Timeslot: Slated for Mondays in January

Synopsis: Kevin Bacon plays a former FBI agent hunting the genius serial killer he put away years ago, who in a modern day twist, now has a large following of devotees thanks to the Internet. It sounds a lot like Red Dragon, which is especially awkward since NBC will be releasing a Hannibal Lecter drama in January as well.

Over/Under for Cancellation: 30 episodes. Kevin Bacon signed on under the condition that season's be limited to fifteen episodes, and it seems unlikely that FOX would screw this up badly enough to keep the whole first season from airing. The show looks competently assembled and the short season should propel the plot forward. Meaning a second season seems likely.

The Goodwin Games

Timeslot: Slated for Tuesdays in January

Synposis: Three siblings play a high-stakes game of Trivial Pursuitnwherein the winner inherits their father's fortune. Created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, the duo responsible for How I Met Your Mother, the trailer has a kind of Royal Tenenbaums feel going for it.

Over/Under for Cancellation: 13 episodes. Becki Newton has star power enough, but how many chances does Scott Foley deserve? For all its flaws, HIMYM is a fine show that has had a great run, having found a solid, effective mix of funny and emotional, and Goodwin Games will undoubtedly attempt to recreate that success with a similar formula. Will it? Might be a tough sell.