A brand new (as-yet-unconfirmed) Banksy piece has been spotted on the outer wall of a Poundland near the Turnpike Lane Tube station in London.

UK street art website Hookedblog notes that, while the identity of the artist has not been confirmed, "with the Queen's upcoming Diamond Jubilee, the location of this piece and the style and cut of the stencil it is highly likely that it's the work of Banksy."

According to The Telegraph, the choice of a Poundland store may also be relevant: "In 2010, the shop launched an inquiry after a seven-year-old boy was found to be working 100 hours a week in an Indian sweatshop, producing items for the store."

The addition of a physical element in the form of Union Jack bunting is curious, as several commenters pointed out, considering that it was likely to be taken down in short order, leaving the stand-alone stencil without context.

A Londonist reader said that he had cycled by the location of the piece, and the bunting had indeed been removed.

[photos via @CasparMelville, @T_RRed]