Avowed racist and aspiring butler John Derbyshire is back from literary exile. Fired from The National Review for failing to adequately veil his racism, the Derb has now taken up residence at VDARE, a hate group.

In a column entitled "Who Are We?" the action-packed renaissance man of hate says he is OK with white supremacy:

Leaving aside the intended malice, I actually think "White Supremacist" is not bad semantically. White supremacy, in the sense of a society in which key decisions are made by white Europeans, is one of the better arrangements History has come up with. There have of course been some blots on the record, but I don't see how it can be denied that net-net, white Europeans have made a better job of running fair and stable societies than has any other group.

Non-white supremacy is after all the rule over much of the world, from entire continental spaces like sub-Saharan Africa to individual black-run or mestizo-run municipalities in the U.S.A. I see no great floods into these places by refugees desperate to escape the horrors of white supremacy.

Ultimately, though, Derb settles on a more P.C. moniker for like-minded individuals: "Dissident Right." He says "race realist" or just "conservative" will do in a pinch, too.

Meanwhile, VDARE is raising funds to help pay for Derb's chemotherapy. I support this effort, because if Derb dies then my weird end-of-life interactions with him may necessitate that I write an obituary, and I'm not ready to deal with the strange and frightened feelings this man continually instills in me. [VDARE, image via JohnDerbyshire.com]