Today is an especially good day to take the M if you're a mother — or if you can fake it. Someone has been putting up "Reserved for mothers today" stickers all over the cars, which I think means you're legally required to stand if you've never raised a kid.

Do make sure you have a destination in mind, though. Aimlessly riding the subway probably isn't the best way to celebrate Mother's Day. But hey, you do what makes you happy. Maybe the M Line is your special place, and Mother's Day is all about feeling special.

The stickers include a link to the MTA Mother's Day Tumblr. So far, there's not much content — just some Instagram photos of real-life moms riding on seats adorned with "Reserved for mothers today" sticker. I'm assuming more photos will be posted throughout the day, although I guess that means the people behind this campaign have to hang out in front of their stickers for the next several hours.

These Tumblr- and Twitter-based projects (see also: Ryan Gosling's Easter egg hunt) are a pretty ingenious way to make holidays interesting again. Who needs Hallmark cards when you have a Tumblr page and a nifty photo app on your phone? There are so many Mom-friendly filters to choose from.

If you spot a "Reserved for mothers today" sticker in the wild, take a seat and see if it makes you feel especially welcome. Only if you're a mom, though. We really can't have phonies subverting the system.

[Images via MTA Mother's Day]