TMZ has obtained photos of Ashton Kutcher in costume as Steve Jobs for the biopic he's filming, tentatively titled Jobs: Get Inspired. (Note: An earlier version of this story included one of the Kutcher-as-Jobs photos, but Pacific Coast News sold those exclusively to TMZ, so just click the damn link.)

I guess this looks like young Steve Jobs? It seems silly to call wearing a turtleneck and jeans being "in full character," but hey, what do I know about Ashton's process.

Anyway, the release of blurry set photos is as good a reason as any to speculate on how Kutcher will do in the role. Can he capture the genius and passion of young Jobs, or is this biopic destined for failure? (And with a title as bad as Jobs: Get Inspired, does it really matter?)

Either way, Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs is better than Ashton Kutcher in brownface.

[Image via AP]