A teenager in Texas told the cops he was just kidding when he walked into the Wilmer Police Department last week and told an officer to hand over his money.

"This young man wasn't using his head for sure," Police Chief Victor Kemp said. "You hear of those world's dumbest criminals every once in a while but you never think it's gonna happen in your city."

18-year-old Keithan Manuel, who attempted to hold up the officer with a white towel over his hands, quickly realized where he was and what he was doing and tried to change the subject, telling the policewoman he was there to check on a warrant.

Perhaps realizing he wasn't about to let off the hook, Manuel decided to go for broke, and told the officer "you do know I have a gun."

He was promptly arrested and booked into Dallas County Jail, where he remains charged with several crimes, the most serious of which being robbery.

"I didn't say nothing like that, I swear to God I didn't say nothing like that; that's why they didn't find no guns on me," Manuel later told the local CBS affiliate over the phone. "Man I play like that all the time, I didn't think she would take it seriously."

[photo via Dallas Co. Jail via CBS DFW]