Northwestern University theater major and former Los Angeles resident Chester "Chet" "Chet Haze" Hanks caused a minor uproar yesterday when he took a brave stand on the Twitter against bullying victims who commit suicide. Alas, thanks to the pussyassness of the world at large, Chet has been forced to apologize.

Well. Eventually. In chronological order, though, here's what Chet had to say on the Twitter (much of it since erased) after our post came out yesterday and people started taking him to task over it. Ahem:

I say real shit and I always speak my mind if you don't like it I could give a fuck less.

God, everyone is so damn sensitive these days... #boohoo #crymeariver

Nowadays pussyassness is held in higher regard than badassness #imjustsayin #wtf

All I ask from people is that they're blunt, and sincere. I don't judge.

If you are offended by someone, being offended is a choice YOU MAKE. No one can make you feel anything without YOUR OWN permission.

You have more control over your emotions than your emotions have over you. EMPOWER YOURSELF. That's what it comes down to.

If I offended you, you shoulda checked my bio!!! Theres a reason why I got a WARNING there!!! Lmao

Life is a gift, even when it is hard. And "this too shall pass." Dont give up!! Thats all I gotta say on the topic I'm done.

Lol...Haters: I am sorry I do not cater to your demographic: shlubby dudes that don't get laid enough it's ok go back to your Internet porn

G'head check my feed, all the people hatin are mediocre Lames and cute girls show me love #whatdoesthattellyou

All I know is that anyone who wrote the preceding series of Tweets on the Twitter is a badass. That is all I know. Except I also know that immediately following all of that, Chet hilariously tweeted this lengthy apology, saying his thing about bullying and suicide was "an immediate emotional response to a tragic situation rather than a well-articulated personal sentiment." I presume, however, that Chet still has not changed his position (#nohomo #gethazed) on shlubby dudes that don't get laid enough.

As a wise man once said, "it is best to tweet less."

[Pic: FB]