The Village Voice has released gruesome images of violence coming from notorious Rikers Island. The graphic images—be warned—will turn your stomach, and further corroborate the Voice's ongoing documentation of out-of-control violence inside Rikers.

Brutality inside the jail is the stuff of nightmares. The 2008 beating death of Brooklyn-born Christopher Robinson brought to light details of corruption with RNDC guards running a Lord Of The Flies-eque system called "The Program" in which "guards were deputizing inmates, often in the teen jail, and pitting them against one another in fights as a way to keep order and extort them for phone, food, and television privileges."

The Voice is reporting "10 broken jaws, six broken noses, and three broken eye sockets" just this year alone. Fighting techniques like the "three-man weave" and "gassing" (find out for yourself) prove this hellhole is still the stuff of nightmares.*

*Not including the carrot cake.

[via The Village Voice, image via Getty]