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When you think "good topics for puns," you immediately think "the death of one's parents," assuming that you are employed as a public relations representative by Inheritances: dying faster than your mother. Said the reporter who forwarded us this one, "Get it? 'Dying trend" is a pun on the death of one's parents! Which, tragically, is less lucrative than it used to be."

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Subject: Inheritance a Dying Trend as Parents Feel the Pinch

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I hope you are well. Below is some information that I thought might be of interest to you from New research from the site has found that over half of Americans polled predict that they will have no money to leave their children when they pass away.
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MAY 2012

Inheritance a Dying Trend as Parents Feel the Pinch

In light of the latest figures concerning the American economy and the possible double dip recession in parts of Europe, one of the leading coupon code websites in the US has conducted a study to discover whether or not the concept of inheritance could be a dying trend; the majority of this generation's parents in the US predict they will have no money to leave their children when they pass away.

While it is not uncommon for adults today to receive an inheritance of some sort from grandparents or parents, a new study by the leading coupon code website in the US has revealed that the children of parents currently aged 30 or under may not have such fortunes to look forward to.


Mark Pearson, chairman of, spoke about the study;

"As the news about the ongoing recession continues to dominate the press, it is no wonder that this generation of parents fear that they will have nothing to leave to their children, since cost of living is steadily increasing, in addition to university fees and medical insurance costs.

"People don't have to live with debt for the rest of their lives. My advice would be to live within your means and don't spend carelessly. If you are wise and take advantage of discounts and coupons, you'll soon have some extra money to put aside in savings for your own and your kids' futures."


ENDS—like the life of your parents. (Ha.)

UPDATE: We received the following email in regards to this post:

I am an employee of CouponCodes4u and I would like to ask if you are going to talk about our website that you at least link back to us


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