Speaking of male R&B crooners, here's something more sleazy than soulful from Usher's forthcoming, inanely named album Looking 4 Myself. Despite the tactile production of satisfying synth smears, tough thwacks and insistent ticking, the track kind of falls apart when Ursh flips out of his longing falsetto to a whining lechery. This comes after the underwhelming release of the by-the-numbers house of Usher's "Scream" — here's hoping that Looking's first single, the lovely, Diplo-produced "Climax" is, isn't in fact its climax.

The real notable thing about "Lemme See" is Ross' verse, which contains the lines, "Had the valet parking / Chanel hoodie on / Looking like Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman don't want it." Why, though? Why bother with this imagery? To be inflammatory so that people on the Internet will write about it? To show support by wearing a hoodie in song like people do in real life? What would that support actually amount to, anyway, especially when it feels so lazily tossed off? Cool solidarity, bro.