It's not quite pulling passengers out of a burning airliner, but Dustin Hoffman is getting credit for saving the life of a jogger who collapsed while running through London's Hyde Park last month.

Hoffman reportedly spotted Sam Dempster down on the ground and quickly phoned emergency services. He remained by the man's side until paramedics showed up and revived him.

Dempster apparently suffered a heart attack and was transported to the hospital to undergo surgery. Hoffman, after congratulating the responders on a "great job," took off.

Meanwhile, across the pond, actress Mila Kunis was being hailed as a "hero" for helping a man who was experiencing a violent seizure.

The unidentified 50-year-old, who does unspecified work at Kunis's LA home, had apparently bit his tongue and was coughing up blood. Kunis ordered a friend to call an ambulance, and then, aided by another friend, turned the man to his side and placed a wallet in his mouth.

Kunis was soon relieved by paramedics who took the man to the hospital. TMZ reports that he has since recovered.

Sure, Hoffman and Kunis won't overshadow Gosling and Dempsey anytime soon, but, if nothing else, at least their stories offer us pedestrians a necessary reminder that it's nice to be important, but it's even more important to dial 911 when you see someone's life is in danger.

[photos via Getty]