As part of our ongoing project to catalog the 2012 presidential election from a metal point of view, we've been soliciting presidential endorsements from noteworthy American metal musicians. Today: Chrome Waves.

Who should you vote for?

The great Jeff Wilson, formerly of Nachtmystium, and more recently of Chrome Waves, says, contra Aesop Dekker, that most Americans need a system — but that he's not going to contribute to it:

Let me start by saying, when I got the email to write on the subject of politics, I wasn't all that interested. One, because I didn't want my beliefs to necessarily mix with my music, and two, because who really gives a fuck about what some musician has to say? Right? So after reviewing the previous opinions, I realized I have a different stance on things than the previous writers, so why not participate.

As much as I'd like to adopt the opinion of my friend Aesop here, I'm under the impression that 90% of the American population is too stupid to deal with such a scenario. Along with our fellow contributor, Mr. Mustaine, the majority of Americans need some sort of system, or at least follow the instructions of the invisible man, to maintain some control.

So where does that leave me then? Who am I endorsing? No one. I'm not voting at all.

Sure, Obama led the blind through his promise of "change", but let's be completely honest here, he's been about as forgettable as say, Harrison. Ron Paul almost got my vote because, let's face it, he's the only one here bringing original ideas to the table. Unfortunately, like anyone else who's ever thought outside of the box, he's got no chance and he's probably all talk and no action. And again, I'd hate to say it, but I'd almost go as far as to vote for Santorum if I was going to vote in the first place. I say this only because, he might be the only one to cause a real revolt here in the US, get people off the asses and make a difference. The only way to do so is to strip away all of our liberties, all of our pride and all of our integrity. Sounds like his plan to me, anyway. Don't you think? Then again, if that was the case, he wouldn't last long anyway... Bang, motherfucker!

So, from my perspective, voting is sort of like committing to a relationship with someone you barely know for four years. I refuse to endorse someone I don't have total faith in. It's like going home with the most attractive girl at the bar, only to find out that she's awful in bed. She's a great first impression, but not all she's cracked up to be in the long haul. My vote isn't going to make anymore of a difference than anyone else's, They're all in it together, it's all predetermined anyway. How do you think George W. Bush got a second term?

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