U.S. Secretary of Education and Chief Presidential Basketball Guy Arne Duncan endorsed marriage equality on Monday morning, telling Mark Halperin on Morning Joe that "yes," he believes gay men and women should be allowed to marry. (Not each other: you know what I mean, though.)

Duncan becomes the second cabinet member — the other is Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan — to publicly express support for same-sex marriage. The president has said his views are "evolving," but has so far refused to publicly commit support to marriage equality; yesterday, Joe Biden said he was "absolutely comfortable" with it, and also that he loved Will and Grace (really!). Later, Biden claimed that he was just reiterating the president's position. So who knows what any of them "believe," really, or what belief entails, or if it's possible to make a distinction between thought and action. (Philosophy!)

The best part of this clip, by the way, besides the tortured syntax of the question, is Halperin's blinking, cofnused silence after Duncan actually answers the question instead of avoiding it.