Looking to "cure disease and boost stamina" with that old standby, capsules of powdered human flesh? Don't go to South Korea, where officials have pledged to tighten its customs inspections after seizing some 17,500 such capsules over the last year:

The Korea Customs Service said it had found almost 17,500 of the capsules being smuggled into the country from China since August 2011.

The powdered flesh, which officials said came from dead babies and foetuses, is reportedly thought by some to cure disease and boost stamina.

But officials said the capsules were full of bacteria and a health risk.

Yes, they are full of bacteria, and also, of powdered fetus and baby. A South Korean documentary from last year claims the capsules come in from northeast China; China, according to Health Ministry spokesman Deng Haihua, has "strict management of disposal of infant and foetal remains as well as placentas." Meanwhile, in the United States, four major food service companies refuse to confirm or deny whether or not they use aborted human fetuses in their food.

[BBC; image via Shutterstock]