Last night Earth came very close to being destroyed by its own moon, which, through a combination of factors, looked slightly larger than usual. Thankfully, at the last second, the planet was spared. Above is an image of what the moon might have looked like hovering ominously over New York City, had it not been snuggled down deep under a blanket of clouds.

This picture was taken on the roof of the Hotel Victory, located Kosovo's capital city Pristina, a concrete jungle where dreams are made. TripAdvisor ranks the Victory as the number 11 hotel in all of Pristina (out of 18 hotels). Many reviewers note "It is the hotel with the Statue of Liberty on the roof."

The Chicago Tribune website has assembled a nice collection of photographs of last night's moon, snapped in places less cloudy than New York, if you would like to know what the moon looks like, slightly larger than usual, rising over, say, the Parthenon or behind the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Hopefully the moon will still be around next year and we can try this whole thing again.

Supermoon OUT.

[Image via AP]