A student drinking game that involves sitting in a tree and quaffing booze until you lose your balance and fall has become something of a sport in the city of Dunedin on New Zealand's South Island.

"It's been occurring fairly regularly for the last two or three years," the city's parks manager, Alan Matchett, is quoted as saying. He noted that, besides the potential for injury, there is also the real problem of vomit and urine left on trees by possum players. "Obviously, it's not nice to have that left behind," he said.

Following an uptick in coverage of the game, Kiwis from Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch have come forward to claim they've played it in their hometowns.

Others have expressed interest in importing the game to other country. "I'll be pissed if this game doesn't make it to the states," wrote one Guardian reader who will likely be pissed either way.

[photo via Shutterstock]