Congratulations to Joe Muto, formerly known as the Fox Mole, for selling a book about his experiences inside Fox News Channel to Dutton, an imprint of Penguin.

The book—tentatively titled An Atheist in the Foxhole—will be a "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People-style industry memoir in a Dave Barry/David Sedaris tone." We're told it was sold for a low six-figure advance. From the press release:

AN ATHEIST IN THE FOXHOLE describes how Muto, an NPR-listening, Obama-loving liberal, took a job at Fox News expecting he'd only stay for a few months. But eight years later he was still there, working as a producer for Bill O'Reilly, a man with "fair and balanced" views that made Muto cringe on a daily basis.

You will recall that Muto was first introduced to the world on this web site as the anonymous Fox Mole. He was not long thereafter revealed on this web site as Muto, at which point his eight-year tenure at Fox News Channel was terminated by the company. Not long thereafter, his apartment was raided by investigators for the New York County District Attorney, which, according to the search warrant, was investigating charges of grand larceny, petit larceny, and computer tampering relating to his (alleged!) expropriation of certain video files from Fox News' servers. Dutton's release promises that, as Muto "was only able to share a few tidbits on Gawker," there is "much, much more to tell."

Just yesterday, we learned from the New York Observer that Muto has been shopping around a book proposal. And now he's sold it. We look forward to reading it. Cycle complete.