UC Berkeley freshman Derek Low didn't care much for how uncool his non-automated dorm was, so he set out to enhance it with a few practical, dorm-of-the-future additions like automated shades, automated lighting, and automated party and romance settings all controllable via remote and smartphone app.

The future venture capital recipient called his creation BRAD, or Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm.

After Low posted a YouTube video of the room's various functions, it quickly went viral, eventually making its way to the eyeballs of resident hall officials, who scheduled a judicial hearing to review whether Low's BRAD breaks any of the school's joyless housing policies.

But the gifted Golden Bear isn't too concerned about being reprimanded. "I'm moving out the dorms in two weeks and moving the entire setup to my own apartment," he tells InnovationNewsDaily. "The whole system is quite mobile, actually, so that won't be too difficult."

Berkeley's loss is some third-floor walk-up's gain.

[video via dereklmy]