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Popchips today launched a new ad campaign co-developed by and starring their newly elected "president of pop" Ashton Kutcher as five different lovelorn men looking for that special someone with the aid of a dating video from "World Wide Lovers."

One of these "characters" is an Indian man named Raj. That fact isn't in and of itself offensive. But Kutcher and Popchips broke the cardinal rule of racial humor: If you're going to make a joke about a race other than your own, for the love of God be funny about it.

These spots are both excruciatingly unfunny and, in the case of "Raj," also in poor taste — two things you definitely don't want in an ad campaign for a food product.

Oh, an in case you thought you could escape Kutcher in brownface by not watching this video, The New York Times says outdoor ads will be popping up in major markets all across the country.

UPDATE: Following a thoughtful piece by Anil Dash criticizing Popchips usage of brownface in their latest ad campaign, the company's founder, Keith Belling, apologized "to anyone we offended," and promptly pulled the ad. Snippets of "Raj" still remain in this composite ad, but it too will likely be removed shortly and revised.

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