Take it for the Sun article that it is, but rumor has it that Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe are set to star as different-aged versions of the same character in a four-part British miniseries that seems to be less a TV show than a diabolical plot by evil librarians to force people to read by causing all TV sets to melt at the same time.

According to The Sun's sources, the period drama takes place during World War I, and focuses on the lives of Russian doctors — one of whom is played by both Hamm and Radcliffe. Hamm will also narrate.

"This is a great role for Daniel and he's pretty excited about the prospect of working with Jon," the source is quoted as saying. "He's a big Mad Men fan and feels he can learn a lot from Don. But Jon knows all about Daniel's qualities, too, so he'll also be doing some learning."

Again, The Sun is known for saying what sells, but Vulture's Kyle Buchanan claims the news "tracks with what Vulture has been hearing," so there's that.

Irrespective of the outcome, the show will still air as scheduled every night in my dreams.

[photos via AP]