St. Camille Donatacci of Jersey has heard your prayers, children, and will return to the Real Housewives a martyr, forced to tarnish her golden shoulders by rubbing them against those sullied by Maloofian greed.

E! News reported Tuesday that, despite previous announcements she was leaving the show to focus on her life, her kids, her man, and her swag, Camille will, in fact, be back on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season, albeit in a slightly limited capacity.

Apparently Camille's season three appearances will be "cameo" in nature. E! reports she was filmed attending Kyle Richards' birthday last weekend, which is great news, because nothing gives Kyle Richards quality on-camera hives like planning a party, let alone one held in honor of the world's most important person, Kyle Richards.

Doesn't this announcement ring of Season 1: The Demon Years antics, though? Like, Camille maybe pretended to be gone just so she could hear how much we'd miss her? Did Camille It's A Wonderful Life us?

Whatever the motivation, it will be nice to have that old, unchanging face stretched across our TV screens again, smiling beatifically through a klonopin haze.

In case you're wondering, this is the woman Bravo has hired to step into Camille's Maloof Hoofs full-time for season three. Her name is Yolanda Hadid. She's a Dutch model currently married to a big-shot music producer, formerly married to Lisa Vanderpump's friend Mohammad, to whom every model, Dutch or otherwise, has been married at least once.

And, even though you definitely weren't wondering, Mary Amons from the Real Housewives of D.C. (the one who looked at a child to whom she had just given birth and pronounced her "Lolly") announced today she is filing for divorce from her husband of 26 years.

[E! News // Image via Getty]