The man suspected of being the cab driver responsible for a brutal hit and run in Quebec that was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube was in police custody today after being charged with aggravated assault causing bodily harm, among other felonies.

The incident took place early Sunday morning at the intersection of St-Laurent and Rachel in Montreal's Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough. An altercation between 47-year-old cabbie Guercy Edmond and one or more passengers rapidly escalated, though it remains unclear how the whole thing got started.

Two horrific videos captured the unfolding scene from the moment 23-year-old Benoit Kapelli and his rowdy compatriots began banging on the side of Edmond's Toyota Camry. Shortly thereafter, the taxi driver can be seen ramming into the crowd and running Kapelli over, then quickly speeding away.

A second, more graphic video shows the extent of Kapelli's injuries. He was rushed to the hospital, where his condition was reduced yesterday from critical to stable.

Yves Vaillancourt, Edmond's attorney, claims his client acted in self-defense. "For him, he was under attack," Vaillancourt is quoted as saying. "He didn't understand why he (was arrested by the police). He feels like he was a victim, too."

Edmond's bail hearing has been set for tomorrow. The Toronto Star is reporting that police in Montreal are considering charging Kapelli as well.

[videos via The Daily Dot]