It's May Day, which is sort of like Anarchist Super Bowl. So it's probably no coincidence that the Justice Department arrested five "self-described anarchists" in a plot to blow up a bridge near Cleveland today, according to the AP. The plot was an FBI sting, with fake "bombs" supplied by the feds, as most plots are these days.

Here's the very colorful affidavit about the FBI's infiltration of the gang. Including passages like this:

"The group then discussed attacking the Fusion Center. [Offices where federal, state and local jurisdictions share law enforcement resources and intelligence.] BAXTER advised the Fusion Centers maintain a watch list on everyone who made a post on Facebook that questioned government authority. The group agreed that to take out a Fusion Center database would be extremely difficult. Someone in the group advised there was a Fusion Center in Clevland, Ohio, that was located in the Justice Center. The group joked about taking out the Justice Center, but agreed it would kill too many inmates."

Fucking anarchists. Can't even smash a Starbucks and they think they're going to take down a bridge?

[Image via WEWS]