It's School Board meeting time in Duval County, Florida, and you know what that means: a chance to review the disciplinary infractions of teachers in Jacksonville's public school system. This story brings you all of the amazing highlights. What sort of educational rogue's gallery do we have this month, Duval County School Board?

  • "Thomas Martin, a math teacher and a 2011 Teacher of the Year candidate, has a history dating back to 2006 of reprimands for losing his temper and chasing students whom he said were disruptive or disrespectful"
  • "[Karen] Dickinson is accused of using the "f-word" to tell a female student to go off and die... Dickinson was verbally reprimanded in April 2010 after being reportedly saying, 'It's just as well I wasn't armed,' to students because of their previous behavior."
  • "In 1999, [John] Long received a written reprimand after being accused of using a broom handle to grab a student in a choke hold"
  • "[Timothy Scott] is accused of telling dirty jokes, discussing his sex life and making inappropriate sexual remarks to students in October."

Just one meeting's worth of teacher discipline, ladies and gentleman. No wonder Jacksonville's schools are so good.

Tim Tebow.

[ Photo: Eric Fleming/ Flickr]