Have you heard that video is a big thing over at Gawker Media? It's true, we watch and post a lot of videos each week. Here are some of the best videos of week, culled from an array of Gawker Media sites.

Filmmaker Films Daughter Every Week for Twelve Years, Puts Together Time-Lapse Video

Filmmaker Frans Hofmeester spent the past twelve years hovering over his daughter Lotte with a video camera - as fathers are wont to do. Recently, he took snippets of footage from all 600+ weeks he had on film, and pieced together this mesmerizing time-lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 minutes, 45 seconds. View »

Metta World Peace's Elbow Waged War On James Harden's Head

Metta World Peace earned an ejection from today's Lakers-Thunder game when his celebration after a second-quarter dunk included an elbow to the side of James Harden's head. View »

Studio Exec Forces Jason Segel to Lose Weight, Since Thin Women Don't Marry Chunky Guys

We often hear about actresses urged to get skinny for a role - Anne Hathaway's crash diet for Les Misérables and Beyoncé's "cleanse" for Dreamgirls spring to mind - but rarely are we made aware of male actors subject to the same pressure. However. Last night on The Late Show, Jason Segel revealed that "the studio president" - that would be Ron Meyer, head of Universal - forced him to lose weight for The Five-Year Engagement. View »

A Reminder of Just How Cool the PS Vita Can Be

So PS Vita sales are nosediving. And Sony must be worried, because these are dark times for the Vita. Dark times. But just as everyone is forgetting what an impressive piece of hardware the Vita is, Sony released the PlayStation Developer Suite to allow developers to create apps for the Vita and other PlayStation certified devices.
View »

This Man Put A Cadillac CTS-V's Engine In A 1968 Camaro

Engine-swap stories are a car nerd's answer to celebrity dating gossip. (Seen Kristen Stewart at the Chateau Marmont swapping spit with a 389 tri-power? Let us know.) But a first-gen Camaro with the still-beating heart of a wrecked Cadillac CTS-V? Papa Razzi, call the front desk. View »

Dad Leads Kids on a Bohemian Rhapsody Sing-Along to Get Them Pumped for School

It's something of a daily tradition for Mr. Cool Dad and his kids: Singing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the way to school. "Depending on traffic," says YouTuber southlandification, "we can usually start the song as we pull out of the driveway, and pull into the school just as the song ends." View »

Worst People Ever Catch Foul Ball, Refuse To Give It To A Crying Child, Are Vilified By Michael Kay [UPDATE]

An unfortunate scene unfolded in Arlington tonight as a pair of Rangers fans caught a foul ball tossed into the stands by Mitch Moreland in the eighth inning of Rangers-Yankees, then refused to give the ball to the toddler sitting next to them-instead choosing to pose for pictures and generally behave like douchebags. View »

First Look at the Snooki & JWOWW Show

Here's a preview of the Jersey Shore spinoff - titled Snooki & JWOWW - that was supposed to be about two single girls and their friendship. But because of Snooki's situation, it's instead about a single woman trying to make the most of this MTV development deal after her friend went and fucked it up for them by getting knocked up and subsequently engaged. View »

What's Behind The Curtain At The World's Most Exclusive Supercar Shop?

Italy's "supercar gulch" (our coinage) comprises the well-known (Ferrari, Lamborghini), the mysterious (B Engineering and its Bugatti-based Edonis) and the defunct (Cisitalia, Bizzarrini). Here, in a nondescript building near Modena, an Argentinian disciple of Leonardo DiVinci builds amazing Italian sports cars with the finest, hand-built German engines. Let's take a look inside Pagani Automobili S.p.A. View »

This Incredible Video Shows All Roads, Air, and Shipping Routes on the Entire Planet

Scientists are thinking about starting a new geological era: the Anthropocene, the period of geological, environmental and biological transformation of the planet by humans. Cities, towns, shipping routes, global roads and air networks are all changing Earth. This video shows the extent of this change. View »

This Trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is Pure Torture-In Live Action

Raiden is beaten, bloodied and in trouble and somewhere, something's gone nuclear, not in a good way either. We have to wait until April 30 to find out who will, or even can, make it right. The tagline on this live action Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance trailer seems to put that on you, dear viewer. View »

Philip Humber Has Pitched Major League Baseball's 21st Perfect Game Of The Modern Era

Journeyman pitcher Philip Humber joined the list of hurlers to have completed pitching's most difficult feat when he shut down the Seattle Mariners and led his Chicago White Sox to a 4-0 win at Safeco with a nine-strikeout perfect game, the modern era's 21st. View »

The Dudes of Mad Men Play Handsomest Bowling Game Ever

Did you know that in addition to being talented and handsome, Jon Hamm is also great at bowling and building dicks out of Play-Doh? He recently teamed up with Mad Men collaborators Matthew Weiner, Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer to bowl for charity against Team Nerdist, headed by Nerdist podcast host/son of a professional bowler Chris Hardwick. The results are endlessly charming and entertaining. View »

Watch Kim Dotcom Race An F1 Driver In Video ‘Seized By The FBI'

Before Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom came under pressure from the feds he shot this video of himself and partner Finn Batato racing Germany's famed Nürburgring racing circuit in three of his crazy cars with F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen. According to Dotcom the final edit was "seized by the FBI." View »

Ellen Degeneres Reads Aloud ‘50 Shades of Grey'

You know, an Ellen narration might actually be the key to making it through the 528 pages of E.L. James' crayon-drawn erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey. View »

Stanley Kubrick Apparently Rose From The Dead To Direct Nike's Newest Ad

For a commercial that ultimately revolves around the selling of shoes and jerseys, there's a lot going on here: Marshawn Lynch, a wrecking ball, Troy Polamalu, a Larry Fitzgerald-branded sports car, Larry Fitzgerald, burning tires, Marshawn Lynch running, Darrelle Revis, a floating jet engine. View »

Watch President Obama and Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam the News

President Obama's much hyped appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon got off to a great start when the two, with help from the Roots, slow jammed the news. Pure gold. View »