All you need to know about the very latest trends here in the American Dream of USA of America™ is this: love is dead, marriage is an anachronism, the family has disintegrated, and all is chaos. But we're making good racial progress!

New census data has been released, you whores. Don't like being called a whore? Well you better get used to it, now that you're living in a nation in which fewer than half of all households contain a married couple for like the first time ever, while the number of households with unmarried couples rose by 40 percent in the past decade. That's right: the heathens, the goat fuckers, the pornographers, the child molesters, the orgy-havers, the sin-eaters and the Onanists are the majority now. There was also a marked increase in one-person "households," which is a "household" only in the sense that "lonely bastard copulating with his Real Doll™ brand sex toy" is a "household."

Sin is winning. "Get with it," Mormons.

The other important news is that households with interracial couples rose by 28 percent over the past decade, and their wanton sexual escapades are producing a booming new generation of interracial babies who will themselves doubtless grow up to seduce little Aidynn into unspeakable acts of fucking until this great nation is little more than a brown-shaded palette of unrestrained sexual intercourse, just like Monticello. Miscegenation is "in." Surely, man-horse households and woman-Beelzebub households will be the next "hot trend" in the 2020 census, the way things are going here in America. Kids are listening to rap music.

In conclusion, literally everyone of every persuasion in America, except for you, is running around fucking everyone else with no commitment whatsoever.

[Photo: David Boyle/ Flickr]