We have previously discussed the fact that there is little more unsettling than encountering a baby who is better-dressed than you. So we are heartened to learn that designer baby clothing is even more of a ripoff than adult designer clothing.

The New York Times today looks at the "rise of designer children's lines." More designers than ever are making expensive clothes for babies whose parents want them to look like tiny middle-aged real estate tycoons. We don't need to explain why spending $1,200 on a Lanvin dress for your five-year-old girl, or $132 on True Religion cargo pants for your two-year-old boy is dumb. Either you know why, or you are a millionaire who sends your personal shopper out in a helicopter to pick up a new $200 Versace dress for your toddler every couple weeks as she grows out of her old one.

Let the rich waste their money; the clothes are shit. The New York Times had a couple of fashion experts check out a $375 Gucci baby dress:

Neither Ms. Ferrara nor Mr. Rosen was all that impressed with the Gucci dress. Pointing to a side seam, where the print didn't match up, he said, "On their main line, they would have never done something like this." Ms. Ferrara said, "This would have all matched." She noticed places on the inside where seams were puckered, known as roping. "The handling could be better," she said.

Joke's on you, rich people. Puckered seams. How could you do that to your child?