Slut-obsessed sexual sex columnist and hate machine Andrea Peyser is unafraid to speak out when hot, young, sexual teens are doing something potentially sexual, with their bodies. Journalism, you see, is the reason that Andre recently spent the day prowling St. Marks Place, watching young kids who've been taught at Elementary Sex Palaces get piercings in dark, unspeakable places. "We have 16-year-old girls who want their nipples pierced!'' one piercing guy tells Andrea Peyser, I imagine after she hit him with a blackjack, stripped him naked, tied him to a bed, and demanded, "Tell me about teenage girls getting their nipples pierced, or else."

For journalism.

You must be 18 to legally purchase a pack of smokes. At 16, you may apply for a learner's permit to drive.

But the minimum age to get your skin, mouth or private parts breached by a potentially infection-causing needle:


If your newborn baby is going to get its labia pierced, Andrea Peyser would like to be there, to observe. For journalism.