This is the trailer for Samsara, a "non-narrative" film coming to U.S. theatres in August of 2012. It is the "sequel" (if non-narrative films can have sequels) to the 1992 film Baraka, of which Roger Ebert said, "If man sends another Voyager to the distant stars and it can carry only one film on board, that film might be Baraka."

Once you get past the opening frames, which stutter through rather tacky font choices and a boring endorsement from (which gleefully notes the film looks cool because it was shot on 70MM film), the trailer becomes absolutely entrancing.

There are silver people hanging before a waterfall.

There are rocks that look like pulled saltwater taffy.

There's a car being smashed.

There are exquisite chandeliers.

There's an Asian woman blinking.

There's a man painting eyelashes on a doll.


Hard to say.

Since it is inscrutable and, therefore, imbued with some sort of mystic power, consider using the trailer as a fortune telling device, by asking it a question and clicking to a scene at random.

For example, I asked "Will I die alone?" then clicked to a frame that appears to show two factory workers running their hands through a giant vat of shiny bullets.

I guess that's a yes.