So your girlfriend is deathly afraid of returning home to find a masked robber inside her apartment. So what do you do? Easy: You hide inside her apartment dressed as a masked robber waiting for her to return home.

YouTuber viruz5 sets the scene:

I got off of work early and snuck into my girlfriends apartment with a spare key. I waited for her to get off of work and I dressed up with a face mask and a trench coat on acting as if I was robbing the place. I was holding their 32" TV, a duffle bag full of their stuff, and their laptop in my hand. When I heard the door open then close, I ran out to surprise them.... Poor girl was crying haha

So did she break up with him? "haha no she didnt,... She just gave me shit for a week. But then, with a little bit of my romance, she was back in my arms lol haha."

[Blame It On The Voices]