A brilliant neutron star winked out of existence today, when grammar-challenged baseball player Jose Canseco abruptly shut down his wonderful Twitter account. But "Jose Canseco" is not currently trending on Twitter, probably because anyone who would be tweeting about it is on the floor weeping.

But don't quit the internet forever and move to Antarctica's McMurdo station to become a line cook and softly mutter about the glory days of Jose just yet: It appears that Canseco did not actually delete his account. SBnation reporter Amy K. Nelson tweets that she's learned that Canseco "did not delete his account & that his rep is trying 'to figure this out".

Maybe he's just taking a time out. (Do they have time outs in baseball? Whatever.) It's been a strange few days for Canseco's twitter career. Earlier this week, Buzzfeed write Katie Notopoulos went undercover as a hot "Twitter chick," tricking Canseco into sexting with her, and then wrote an article about it, which was certainly one way to disprove our theory that a ghost writer was behind Canseco's inordinately strange feed. It's still unclear if Canseco has yet comprehended that the whole thing was a set-up.

We'll leave you with this bit of Canseco Twitter wisdom to chew over like an old tire until he comes back:

I found an alien in my soup

Update: Jose Canseco is back, with this explanation for his brief absence: Some aliens deleted my acc."

As pointed out by David Thorpe, someone also apparently prank called Jose Canseco during the outage, pretending to be a Twitter employee. See video, left. (His number has been making the rounds.)

Canseco complains to the caller that he thinks the deletion was an act of vengeance by his recent ex-girlfriend, Leila. The prankster advises him that his account was "flagged" because of something to do with diapers. An entirely typical day in Jose Canseco's life.

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