Dick pic prick Hunter Moore insists he shut down his notorious revenge porn site Is Anyone Up? last week under his own volition. But TMZ now reports that the day before he inexplicably sold Is Anyone Up? to an anti-bullying website, Moore was hit with a cease and desist letter for posting naked pictures of Twilight actor Kiowa Gordon. (Right in the picture above; he plays Jacob Black's bff Embry Call.)

It seems unlikely that Moore would have shut down Is Anyone Up? simply because Gordon's lawyers sent him a threatening legal letter. Last year he boasted to us that he got "about a million a day," and responded to a Facebook legal letter with a picture of his own dick. Still, it offers a potential clue about the baffling timing of Is Anyone Up's shut down: This new legal headache could have prompted Moore, who had just days before appeared defiantly sleazy in a Village Voice profile, to decide now was the time to get out of the game. For his part, Moore says he was just burnt out from a year and a half of life-ruining.

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