A tubby tabby named Meow was recently handed over to a shelter in Santa Fe after her 87-year-old owner could no longer care for her.

The 2-year-old fat cat weighs over 39 pounds — the equivalent of 600 human pounds, according to Animal Humane of Santa Fe. The normal body weight for a house cat her age is approximately 12 pounds.

Meow's unnamed owner said she couldn't explain the feline's weight gain, claiming it occurred suddenly. Vets and shelter employees were also at a loss to explain her condition, but noted that the cat had already lost two pounds since arriving at the facility a few days ago.

In addition to being in desperate need of a diet, Meow is also in desperate need of a new home and a competent caretaker. Interested in adopting Meow? Contact the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society at (505) 983-4309.

[photo via AP]