If you were looking for good news to jumpstart your Sunday morning or at least distract you from your hangover, Bee Gees co-founder Robin Gibb has woken up from his coma. Last weekend, it was reported that Gibb's condition was very serious, and that "his family [was] keeping vigil at his bedside in a London hospital."

While Gibb has yet to make a full recovery, he is showing definite signs of improvement. In addition to waking up from the coma, Gibb has been somewhat able to communicate with the family members at his side.

Spokesman Doug Wright said he was able to nod and communicate with his family who have held a constant vigil at his beside in a central London hospital. ... Gibb's wife Dwina has revealed he cried when she played him Roy Orbison's 1962 song Crying.

And for anyone who doubts the healing power of music — or of the Bee Gees in particular — Robin's brother Barry Gibb had been singing to him while Robin was in the coma "to try to rouse him."

You may commence with your "Stayin' Alive" jokes now.

[Image via AP]