Do you ever feel like, no matter what you do, some chicken, somewhere, is tryna copy?

For the latest chapter in birds' unending quest to bite humans' style, we turn to Sri Lanka, where, the BBC reports, a hen has given birth to a chicken without an egg.

Or, anyway, without an external egg. Without an egg we could make into an omelet.

Instead of laying an egg and then incubating it in her nest, as birds have done for millennia, this hen (probably unintentionally; prepping for a baby can leave you scattered) kept the one she produced inside herself for 21 days, until it finally hatched.


Inside of her.

Veterinary officials who examined the chick found it was "normally formed and healthy."

The hen did not fare so well. She died of internal wounds, probably because her child was determined to burst forth, fully formed, from her body; an Athena of birds.

According to the BBC's Colombo correspondent, Sri Lankan newspapers are coming up with some classic headlines to sell this story. Here's one:

"The Chicken Came First; Not the Egg."

A chicken is dead, guys.

That's not funny.

[The BBC // Image via Shutterstock]