What's new with Lana Del Rey and Jaime King, you ask? Instagram photoshoots, mostly. In honor of Jaime King's 33rd birthday, the two posed in LDR's Mercedes convertible for Kyle Newman, Jaime's photographer husband.

In covering this, whatever this is exactly, The Daily Mail has added their own special brand of charm to the photos by attaching some wonderfully weird captions to them.

"It's uncomfortable to look this beautiful! Lana Del Rey hops into her 1981 Mercedes with Jaime King," reads one. And "Thelma and Louise: The girls were enjoying early celebrations for Jaime's birthday," reads another. Just a couple of beautiful ladies celebrating their zest for life and love, precisely like the movie and its' ending. Perhaps Jaime's husband played the truck driver who does that peace-sign-eating-a-girl-out thing.

[Images via Instagram]