In what seems like a bid to pander to the taste of fans of so-called PBR&B (a relatively recent strain of R&B that for whatever reason resonates with an indie audience that doesn't normally listen to the genre), the grunge-inventing, Shins-delivering, Postal Service-spawning indie label Sub Pop has released a bona fide R&B album. The craziest thing about it is that it doesn't sound like it's pandering at all. THEESatisfaction's Awe Naturale floats in a cloud that suggests Erykah Badu at her most blunted or Odd Future's The Internet with actual melodies and sonic variety. It's jazz, it's hip-hop, it's Earth, Wind & Fire, it's cerebral, it's banging. Critic, memoirist of the hip-hop stars and filmmaker dream hampton directed the video for "QueenS," which does a really good job of evoking what it feels like to walk through a New York apartment.