We have turned off our comments today here at Gawker.com. This morning, I posted a post beseeching our readers, "Is your pet cute, and can you prove it with a picture? Answers go in the comments." Our readers caught this logical discrepancy with utmost haste.

From: Brendan Kerr
To: Hamilton@gawker.com
Subject: Did You Choose Your Pet the Right Way?

Comments are disabled, retard.

From: Mary Grace Elliott
To: Hamilton@gawker.com
Subject: Re: https://www.gawker.com/5902999/did-you-choose-your-pet-the-right-way

What is the purpose of this article if the comments are disabled?

From: Megan Sitlington
To: "Hamilton@gawker.com"
Subject: https://www.gawker.com/5902999/did-you-choose-your-pet-the-right-way

Was this your way of torturing the crazy pet people, asking for adoption stories with pictures on the day no one can comment?

From: Megan Connolly
To: hamilton@gawker.com
Subject: Choosing Pets comments

"Answers go in the comments. "
Did you not get the memo?

From: Matthew Baron
To: hamilton@gawker.com
Subject: Pet post

You do realize that you directed people to post pictures in the comments, which are disabled... right?

Alexander Nguyen ‏ @AlexNSanDiego
@hamiltonnolan Did you forget that we can't comment today? RE: Pets story.

Mero ‏ @Amierah
@hamiltonnolan dude, you put up a post that says, "Answers go in the comments" on a day when there is no comments. #meanie

loldirtsheets ‏ @CornetteFace
@hamiltonnolan Did you forget that comments are disabled today, or is this that Gawker sense of troll humor?

There's a reason we have a reputation for having the sharpest readers in the biz. From all of us here at Gawker, I pledge to you: we'll keep working hard each and every day, to ensure that we don't lose you to competing institutions.

If you've spotted any other errors today, please post them in the comments.

[Photo: Jamie McCall/ Flickr]