A school teacher in Washburn, Missouri, is under fire today for allegedly refusing to let a kindergartner go to the restroom, and then forcing her to remain seated in class even after she defecated herself.

The girl's mother, Lisa Skidmore, says the teacher asked students to go to the bathroom before a math test, and then refused to let the student leave while the test was being conducted. The 6-year-old was unable to keep herself from evacuating her bowels, but was told to remain seated until test time was over — approximately 15 minutes.

"They didn't even bother trying to clean her up or anything," said Skidmore. "She still had poop, diarrhea poop, coming out the back, up her front, down her legs." The teacher did hand the girl a trash bag, but Skidmore says that was far from sufficient. "You don't even treat a dog that way!" she told KY3 News.

School District Superintendent Bob Walker said he regretted the incident, and has instructed teachers to be more sensitive in similar situations going forward. The family said it won't be pressing charges, but the girl's father expressed hope that the parties responsible for his daughter's harrowing ordeal truly understood the error of their ways.

"If any parent sent their kid to school with crappy pants, diarrhea-type crap, wrapped up in a garbage bag, stench badly, I believe with all my heart those parents would be facing criminal charges," he said. "I believe that with all my heart."

[video via Reddit]