Unlike this woman, he actually had a semi-legitimate reason.

John E. Brennan, 50, was arrested yesterday evening and charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure after stripping all the way down at a security checkpoint inside Portland International Airport.

Asked to explain his actions, Brennan, who was on his way to San Jose, California, said he "had disrobed as a form of protest against TSA Screeners who he felt were harassing him." Police noted that he was not under the influence of an intoxicating agent at the time.

According to a police report, "Mr. Brennan's actions caused two screening lanes to be closed and while some passengers covered their eyes and their children's eyes and moved away from the screening area, others stepped out of the screening lanes to look, laugh and take photos of Mr. Brennan."

He was arrested after refusing to heed repeated requests to put his clothes back on, and is currently being held on $4,000 bond.

Reached for comment, Brennan's father said he doesn't know what could have caused his son's odd behavior. "This is quite a shock," he said. "He hasn't been under any stress that I know of. He's never really under any stress. He works for a computer company in California. He does something with the Internet, which is just kind of mystical to me. This is quite a surprise."

Works on the Internet, you say? Case closed.

[photos via The Oregonian, Brian Reilly via KATU]