Some two years ago, Lilith Performance Studio invited Indonesian performance artist Melati Suryodarmo to exhibit an older piece of hers entitled "EXERGIE- Butter dance."

This description barely does the performance justice:

20 blocks of butter in a square on the black dance carpet. Suryodarmo enters the space, dressed in a black tight dress and red high heels. She steps on the pieces of butter. She starts to dance to the sound of indonesian shamanistic drums. She dances and falls, hitting the floor hard, rising, and continuously being on the verge of standing, slipping and falling in the butter. After twenty minutes Suryodarmo rises one last time, covered in butter, and leaves the space.

Sadly, the video above is only a six-minute sampling of Suryodarmo's butter dance. However, while the abridged version does lose some of its emulsifying qualities, as butter dances go, it still remains one of the most butyraceous.