What's the "hot" news in Wisconsin today? And by hot we mean "explicitly sexual?" As in slang for that? Ha, I'm glad "you" asked. (Meaning me, rhetorically).

The no-fun crowd is trying to shut down the ol' mostly-nude-with-a-moderate-chance-o'-fuckin beach there on the Wisconsin River. Damn shame.

"They were having sex right on the islands, the sandbars when the river was lower," said Ruth Bender, who owns property directly across the river from the beach. "People can't understand something like that is going on. That's a nice section of the river. I don't know what fun they get out of that."


(As in over—for sex.)

Ha. I don't know what fun they get out of it—maybe the sex? ("So I've heard"—sarcasm alert.) Maybe we should "find out," eh? Meaning have sex. (You and me.) If you "want to." (=more like need to.)

[AP. Photo: Cory Doctorow/ Flickr]