James Franco offers some choice words for writer Sam Anderson, who wrote Franco's New York profile, and the Portlandians behind fan fiction opus Fucking James Franco: They are all using him. The Hollywood Reporter reports,

That article by Sam Anderson, I mean I didn't mind it. It was a fine article, but I kind of felt like people like that—there's this group of I guess art students or something in Oregon that have just put out this book called Fucking James Franco—and to me it feels like they're pretending to be critical of this public persona that's called James Franco but they're also using it to serve themselves

Sam Anderson just went around and collected all those fucking kudos for that article, so he's really just doing it for himself and he's using me. It's the same thing with Fucking James Franco—you write a book about these fictional sexual encounters that I have, it seems like you're being kind of critical, but in fact, they're just trying to tap into whatever that was.

He's not wrong. However, he also gave the above quote during an interview promoting Francophrenia, "a movie about a TV actor who confuses his true self with his character," so it's probably too late to back out of this rabbit hole. [THR, image via Getty]