The adoption of a dog found standing near the lifeless body of another dog on Hacienda Boulevard in La Puente, California, last week was called off yesterday after the dog's owner came to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center to claim her.

Animal Care and Control official Lt. Maria Rosales said the two-year-old dog, nicknamed Grace by her caretakers but actually named Maggie, appeared to respond positively to the person claiming ownership, and that person was aware of certain marks "that only the owner would know."

The unidentified individual said Maggie managed to escape through the garage door as the family was returning from an errand, and they were searching for her at a local shelter at the time of the incident on Hacienda.

Rosales told reporters Maggie would be allowed to leave the center after her owner's home was thoroughly inspected. Furthermore, the family will be fined for not registering their dog, and letting it run loose.

As for the yellow Lab, Maggie's companion, animal control deputy director Capt. Aaron Reyes said the dog had no tag or microchip, and it remains unknown who he belonged to or where he came from.

[photo via SVG Tribune</a>]